Imaging Mass Cytometry and Mass Cytometry Platform

Price list

User Categories

Category A (power user): User operates machine autonomously. This is for users that have completed the power user in training course.

Category B (power user in training): The use of the equipment and data quality control are carried out in cooperation with the IMC Platform team until training is complete and the user becomes a power user.

Category C (inexperienced user): IMC Platform operator acquires samples.


Prices are shown for Academic Internal users
 Mass Cytometer  Personnel Disposables  Total CHF per hour 
 A  0 51 51
 B  65 51 65 + 51 = 116
 C  89 51 89 + 51 = 140
 Imaging Mass Cytometer  Setup Fee*  Disposables  Total CHF per hour
 A  0 45 45
 B 65  45 1x setup fee + 45
 C  89 45 1x setup fee + 45
 Additional Services  Personnel Disposables   Total CHF per hour
 Project consultation  89  89 
 Introduction to Helios 50  50 * 3 hours 
 Introduction to Hyperion 50  50 * 3 hours

*Setup fee is a flat rate for machine setup (1 operator for 1 hour). In case the setup takes longer than an hour, the setup fee will be extended as needed.

For Non-Academic, add 150%